suzie spiegel

Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

red line

I let the spectator into a world of emotions. Emotions as eyes of the soul.

Portrayed by close-ups of faces where the gaze is central, occasionally  highlighted by the attitude or the hands.
They look inside you, they address you without words.

Universal feelings as a mirror of the soul. 
An impression expressed.
“Everything I make has a soul and keeps me balanced.  My painting allows me to reach my innermost feelings. It offers rest to my head and to my heart.”

Sometimes strong in feminine sensuality, sometimes overshadowed by the male ratio.
This male ratio is seen in clean lines and surfaces and is looking for a balance with the emotion, the female force.

The energy behind the emotion is being transformed to neutral energy usable for myself as an artist but also for those who beholds the work itself and empathise .
Recognizing  and so accepting the emotions is the gateway to releasing and transforming them to energy that bursts from the canvas and fills the space around.

The bright colours and light contrasts nourish these emotions.

Extra tension is created by playing with textures.
These textures are processed  instinctively in the background or eye-catching in the foreground.

Layer upon layer, just as your soul is constructed from layers of ‘ Life ‘ that you already has lived, moving forward on the power of your emotions and gently huged  by the ratio.

“Our innerself cannot be ruled by anyone, except ourself.
When we become fully aware of this, we become free. (Buddha)

Suzie Lejaeghere